Holidays are long over

I am the woooooooorst.

I baked 5 different types of cookies for Christmas this year, just finished the last of them last week and I got exactly zero pictures of them.

My dad lives in the Mid-West, so my big gift to him every year is a healthy shipment of cookies for the holidays. This year was the most I’ve ever made, and it took me nearly three days to complete all the cookies.

Everyone else in my family gets in on the cookies, including boo thang’s parents in Florida. I even made a few wheat-free cookies since finding out this year my brother is allergic to wheat! He shouldn’t be excluded from Christmas baked goods, and I found some of Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose flour on sales (50% off!) I decided to make TWO different baked goods without wheat!

Here are the 5 cookies I made this year – with reviews, substitutions and successes/failures.

Hershey’s Kisses Peanut Butter Blossoms


Photo from SavorySweetLife


These are classics and made per special request by my step-dad. However, I made the first batch and threw it away. I was so disappointed. The dough was so dry and crumbly it would barely stay together when I was adding the kisses. I think the peanut butter I was using was low in oil or something, because I cannot figure out what went wrong! I ended up using this recipe for regular ol’ peanut butter cookies and adding a Hershey’s kiss at the end. All ended well, they were a hit! And no one knew of my failed batch (except boo thang).

Peppermint Brownie Blossoms

Photo & recipe from Small Town Woman

In a twist on the classic peanut butter blossoms, I found a recipe for a colorful, minty version! With more chocolate! These cookies were amaaaaazing! They were so…soft and creamy? I didn’t know a cookie could be creamy until biting into these babies. There is peppermint in the dough as well as using the peppermint kisses as well.

I also wheat-free’d these! I didn’t have an xantham gum on hand (suggestion per the flour packaging) but they turned out just fine. They weren’t as smooth on the outside, but apparently still tasted great, according to my brother. Win!

Better Crocker Candy Cane Cookies

Mine didn’t look like this. Photo & recipe from The Kitchen Magpie.

I’m never making these again. My baking skills, as well as my patience, is not extreme enough to ever make these cookies again. The dough falls apart SOOO easily, they take FOREVER to roll out, then as I was forming them, the candy cane shape kept breaking. I ended up doing candy cane sticks, no crook at the end, because I could not get them to stop breaking and looking like absolutely shit.

Tasty, though.

Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies

So pretty! Photo & recipe from Clean & Scentsible.

These were my absolute favorite. My advice: read the comments! I found it much easier to roll the dough into a big long log and cut with some dental floss. It kept my cookies perfectly circular. I like that these weren’t too sweet and I was able to use different color sugar flakes on the edges to make them festive and colorful. These were my favorite discovery this year and I will absolutely make them in the future. I don’t know if everyone else has my same love of red velvet… but I don’t really care. They’re tasty, a gift and I enjoy eating them. I’m assuming everyone else will enjoy eating them, too.

Funfetti Shortbread Bites

So adorable! Photo & recipe from Cooking Classy.

Obviously, these aren’t cookies, but I still made them as a holiday baked goodie gift. These were also SUPER SIMPLE to make wheat free. I did have a slight problem with them burning on the bottom but still not quite being cooked. They tasted fine, but weren’t as pretty as Cooking Classy’s adorable little bites. I’m not sure if I should have cooked them higher or lower in my oven, because regardless of my pan color (dark or light) they still burned. I also had a slight problem with spreading, but not too bad. I *might* make these again, they were still very cute.

I will probably make the red velvet ones for myself throughout the year because I LOVE them – they would probably be really fun to make for 4th of July as well! Just add blue sprinkles around the outside and *boom* Independence day ready. I still have some other things to work through but hopefully I can find some more delightfully adorable and delicious recipes for next year!