I’m a millennial girl living in a city world. Seattle, to be exact. I’m a Pacific Northwest native who has found love in cats, cheese, concerts and cooking. I constantly have a new hair color and I probably swear too much.


A few quirks in my kitchen: I chronically under-salt my food, I subscribe to Full Circle and Blue Apron, so I’m not doing everything by myself! Here is what you can expect to find on Semi-Salted: Recipes I’ve found or made-up, Full Circle produce delivery recaps, reviews of Blue Apron meals, baked goods I’ve made to send to family, friends or my partner’s coworkers and other explorations in the kitchen. Also, expect a few music notes, as I always listen to music when I cook.

My Significant Other/Partner/Live-In Boyfriend enjoys eating what I cook almost more than I enjoy cooking it. His specialty in the kitchen is packaged ramen, so I’m the food boss of this apartment! His family is Italian, so you’ll likely see plenty of southern-European foods sprinkled throughout. Together, we love spicy foods and aren’t afraid to turn up the heat, so spice-phobes beware!

Owning the apartment are two kitties, Tails (fluffy) and Stache (has a mustache) who you’ll inevitably find wandering in and out of photos. They run this place, we just live here and cater to their kitty whims.

Foods I dislike and you will find either sparingly or not at all: Ranch dressing, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, licorice, fennel and 5-spice. I have tried most of these recently, and try to every 6 months or so just to make sure I still don’t like ’em.