Full Circle: November 4

I opened up my door this morning to go grab my bag and WHAT someone brought it straight to my door! It’s the little things that make your day, right?

The only thing really grabbing my attention in this bag is the red cabbage. Now, I’m pretty lukewarm on red cabbage. First off, it should be called purple cabbage, look at that thing! Second, it’s a pretty strong flavored cabbage so I find it a little harder to work with. Third, I don’t want to eat coleslaw when it is this cold outside! I’m gonna have go dig into my German roots for some recipes for this one.


What’s in the bag?

Left to right: Red (purple) cabbage, crimini mushroom, kiwis, cucumber, garnet yams, radishes and leaf lettuce (?). Not pictured: Jonagold Apples, because for some reason I put those away before taking a picture.

The “leaf lettuce”was already a bit wilty when I pulled it out of the bag. Sad lettuce. So that will have to be used this weekend. I’m thinking about pulling out my fancy grilled cheese sandwich cook book… To be continued!


Full Circle: October 28th

Mmmmmm, squaaaaaash.

Sorry for the super late post! Halloween weekend got the best of me. I went out as Cat Nap Woman on Friday then ended up with a stomach bug Saturday – Monday, so this is a wee bit behind.

I got  little extra extra in my bag this week though! I accidentally got some sweet potatoes. They were not listed on my sheet, but I was still happy to see ’em – I had a little squee of glee!

Unfortunately it was *actually*sunny out today, so my photo is a little washed out, I’m sorry!


What’s in the bag?

Left to right: Curly kale, delicata squah, purple potatoes, persimmons, carrots, Honeycrisp apples, bonus sweet potatoes and spinach.

I love squash, but I’ll probably have to eat it all myself. My boo thang doesn’t really like squash and he’s eaten it… a lot more than he’d like this fall. Looks like I’ll have to use that for some lunch.

Purple potatoes! I love my potatoes with a bunch of color! If I had kids, I probably make them purple potatoes all the time. They’re like regular potatoes but fun colored!

The persimmons are still a bit firm, so they’ll have to ripen up a touch before I can use them. Boo thang has eaten persimmonsn(from his grandma’s garden… can’t beat that) but I still am just a bit perplexed with the orange tomato lookin’ thing.

My last thought: Honeycrisp and Pink Lady apples are my favorite, so I’ll definitely just eat these babies plain, right down to the core, like a true Washingtonian.

Keep your eyes out for how I use these bad boys!

How Does Full Circle Work?

Hello, I am here to introduce you to Full Circle, the service I use to get my fruits and veggies delivered every Friday. Since I do Whole30 every once in a while, this makes it *that* much easier to make sure you always have fruits and veggies at home.


“So it’s a CSA box?”

Technically no, but what they’re doing is pretty great, super convenient and not dissimilar.

Since Full Circle sources their food from western states, it is a little bigger than “Community Sourced Agriculture.” Most CSA boxes you pick up at your local farmer’s market, from the actual farmer! Since I live a wild and unpredictable life (lies), and spend a lot of weekends out of town (not lies), subscribing to a CSA box can get tricky, since you usually pick up on Saturday or Sunday.

Full Circle delivers to my area once a week, which is on Friday. I wake up and head to the front of my apartment building to pick up a handy dandy insulated bag.


Kitty likes Full Circle, too!

I get a notification on Wednesday what will be in my bag the following week (not the one I get in 2 days), where you get to swap out items you might dislike or already have in your pantry. The swappable items is a drop down menu that includes seasonal produce from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, and British Columbia. I haven’t seen any items from outside those area, but I’m sure some fish come from Alaska as well (more on this is a minute).

You can swap items in your bag until Monday, but I need to do it on Wednesday in order to remember to *actually* do it, so I swap items 10 days before I even get my bag. I always forget what’s coming, but that is part of the fun for me!


“What about other stuff besides vegetables?”

You can also add items to your bag from the Full Circle online grocery store full of local products, from artisan candies and bread to humanely raised meats. These aren’t included in your subscription price, but you could feasibly do all your grocery shopping through Full Circle. If you hate grocery shopping (like my SO), it might be worth trying, however, I LOVE grocery shopping, so I’ll pick up proteins + kitchen staples at the store still, but it makes my trips much faster.

When your bag is delivered, included is a nifty little sheet that tells you all the food in the bag with all the farm information included. Sometimes, you don’t get what you originally ordered. For instance, when you originally chekced, the bag said it included red potatoes, but they ran out of red potatoes.

Dang it, I love red potatoes.

So they’ll smack a little sticker on that sheet, letting you know they gave you yellow potatoes instead. In my experience, the swaps have never been difficult to use, and they try to stick to the same general product (a different type of apple, potato, kale, etc).


Look ma, no swaps!

Also see that little “Exemptions” section? You can permanently select things to exempt from your bag. When I first started getting Full Circle, I didn’t have broccoli as an exempt item and I got it too frequently for someone who doesn’t really like broccoli, so I added it to the short list. I never want Brussels Sprouts. Ever. I still haven’t gotten them, thank goodness.

“What does it cost? Why does that not seem like a lot of food?”

They have three different sizes, I get the “Seed” size, or the smallest bag since I’m usually only feeding two people, and it’s $25/week. Sometimes, even that is hard to go through for us. From last week’s bag I still have beets and their now wilted greens sadly sitting in my fridge and I still don’t have a plan for them. Plus we get Blue Apron delivered weekly as well, which takes care of 3 meals a week. The other sizes are Sprout ($30, serves 2 people), Garden ($40, serves 3-4 people) and Harvest ($50, serves 5-6 people).


I also do most of my meal planning/prep over the weekend (Sunday night), so it gets the food to me JUST in time.

Sometimes you’ll receive foods that you’ve never used before. Since it is currently mid-autumn, persimmons are included in my bag next week. I’ve never eaten a persimmon let alone cooked with one, so it’ll be adventure time in my kitchen! I actually nixed potatoes and swapped them for a second order of persimmons, since I didn’t want to get stuck with too few persimmons for a tasty tart recipe I found. However, if you don’t want to deal with an unfamiliar ingredient, you can always swap it out. This is a “choose your own adventure” service, which is super nice!

“Where do I sign up?”

Full Circle delivers to Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Find out more info on becoming a member.

As I find them or people shout them out, I’ll make a list of similar programs here. If you can’t get Full Circle, it is always worth finding a CSA near you! Support your local farmers, I promise they’re super friendly and the produce is so much better than your typical grocery store.

I wrote this post without any endorsements from Full Circle, I’m just a big fan!




Full Circle Delivery 10.21.16

Full Circle Friday! I always forget what’s in the bag since I do my bag management a full 10 days out, so it’s always a nice surprise! Here’s what was delivered this week top to bottom:

Baby bok choy, poblano peppers, yellow potatoes, yellow onion, shallot, crimini mushrooms, pomegranate and arugula.

One of my favorite vegetables is baby bok choy! I’ll definitely be pairing that with the crimini mushrooms. The poblano peppers are smaller than I was anticipating, but I’ve never had those delivered, but there is definitely some Mexican food in my future (!!!).

I’ll post recipes and photos as I cook these suckers in the next week.

Also, keep your eyes out for my Full Circle Friday Guide on how this service works, how I use it and maybe some inspiration to find a CSA or something similar near you!