Full Circle: November 4

I opened up my door this morning to go grab my bag and WHAT someone brought it straight to my door! It’s the little things that make your day, right?

The only thing really grabbing my attention in this bag is the red cabbage. Now, I’m pretty lukewarm on red cabbage. First off, it should be called purple cabbage, look at that thing! Second, it’s a pretty strong flavored cabbage so I find it a little harder to work with. Third, I don’t want to eat coleslaw when it is this cold outside! I’m gonna have go dig into my German roots for some recipes for this one.


What’s in the bag?

Left to right: Red (purple) cabbage, crimini mushroom, kiwis, cucumber, garnet yams, radishes and leaf lettuce (?). Not pictured: Jonagold Apples, because for some reason I put those away before taking a picture.

The “leaf lettuce”was already a bit wilty when I pulled it out of the bag. Sad lettuce. So that will have to be used this weekend. I’m thinking about pulling out my fancy grilled cheese sandwich cook book… To be continued!


Full Circle Delivery 10.21.16

Full Circle Friday! I always forget what’s in the bag since I do my bag management a full 10 days out, so it’s always a nice surprise! Here’s what was delivered this week top to bottom:

Baby bok choy, poblano peppers, yellow potatoes, yellow onion, shallot, crimini mushrooms, pomegranate and arugula.

One of my favorite vegetables is baby bok choy! I’ll definitely be pairing that with the crimini mushrooms. The poblano peppers are smaller than I was anticipating, but I’ve never had those delivered, but there is definitely some Mexican food in my future (!!!).

I’ll post recipes and photos as I cook these suckers in the next week.

Also, keep your eyes out for my Full Circle Friday Guide on how this service works, how I use it and maybe some inspiration to find a CSA or something similar near you!